Fluid Management Equipment
Enhance coolant life and increase performance

Metalworking fluid management

A complete selection of management hardware specifically designed to enhance coolant life, increase performance and offer genuine cost savings to the customer.

Mixing and distribution

A full range of hardware enabling accurate mixing and distribution of coolant at pre-set concentrations in line with the relevant water regulations.


A fast and effective precision instrument designed for the accurate measuring of coolant concentration of emulsions whilst in the coolant sump.

Dip Slides

In line with recent Health and Safety guidance dip slide testing allows the simple screening of fluids to establish the bacterial activity within the emulsion.

Tramp Oil Skimmer

Cost effective means of removing tramp oil contamination at source. Belt and disc skimmers are available depending on machine type and configuration.

Coolant Recycling Equipment

Equipment specifically designed to effectively recycle contaminated coolant at source and return the reclaimed coolant to the machine tool.

It is a legal requirement that your fluids meet HSE standards.

Visit the HSE site for more information.

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